4 Wide Lord Megatron



3 grenade launcher

3 Improvised shield

3 Sturdy javelin

3 Power punch

2 Bashing Shield

2 Enforcement Batons

2 Pocket processor

2 Composite armor


3 Reckless charge

3 Supercharge

3 Peace through tyranny

3 Focus fire

3 Head on collision

2  Incoming transmission

2 Ramming speed

2 Treasure hunt


2 Two-prong attack

2 Callous leadership

3 Heat of battle

2 Force field

1 Composite armor

This deck is pretty awesome and packs a punch! You can tell by the amount of weapons this thing has. It is obviously hyper orange with 0.....0 blues. This is a deck I stumbled upon, now I don't want to say I was the one who first said to pair Lord Meg with orange (but I did) and have been running a tank variation since big mans release. However I wanted to try a wider team to allow for my opponent to run through their deck faster and let Meg prey on who he wanted before the reset of characters. This list has been preforming extremely well putting up a very high win %. Now I do want to state as I do with all my decklist break downs, this is strong deck and needs to be played as such. I don't recommend running this in a casual tournament because it will run over most decks. I would say this would fall under the more meta section.

          I do not currently have a side board character as I am still exploring when I would side out and what would make sense tagging in so feel free to mess around with that yourself if you are going to sleeve this up. I will be posting gameplay on this over on the YouTube channel if you would like to watch it in action! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the list.