Blasting into 2020!

Hello and welcome to 2020 and I wanted to blast my way into the new year with a new deck. Now this is a combo deck designed to get to Overwhelming Advantage. Now just getting to being able to play it is one thing, but what about playing as early as my turn 2? or turn 3? What about if I want to play two on the same turn? Yup this deck has it all. Now before I dive into the decklist and explain all the juicy stuff behind it here are the main cards and a video where I show how the combo works and me explaining the turn. 

         Ok so now that we have showed off how the deck functions we now have to talk about all the ways in can win. Now you saw in the video above the deck play OA on my turn 3, now my opponent still only had 1 turn before I did this so unless they played a Sabotaged armaments they just have to deal with taking 15 from OA. Not to mention we still had  swoop swing for 8, and Springer swing for 7-8 so that means we put some solid damage on their one tapped character. Now in the video I was also able to play that one OA, but I could have waited a turn to see if I could have played two OA's the following turn. These plays come down to is it relevant to play one or two on a turn. If you need to play two because of your opponents team, like cars or maybe your opponent has Galaxy Prime. If this is the case then you wait the extra turn and then play both on one turn. Now the other ways it can win is by playing Peace through Tyranny and discarding a boat load of cards to firedrive to just punch a character for 20+ and then again if KO'ing one character isn't the best play then you also play Steamroll for the trample damage and you discard enough to KO two bots.

             Now lets talk about what makes this in my opinion (add those who have played against it) a strong deck. Its the lack of interaction your opponent gets, first off you saw in the video my turn was about 11 mins. My opponent also only got 1 turn of flipping a character and only playing one card. Now this is where the debate comes in. Is it fair? To be honest, its a solid debate. Some would say, yes stating it requires a certain set up and if you fizzle then its a weak deck. Others would say no it's not fair because one player doesn't get to play. In the real world with this deck game one your opponent gets 1-2 turns then looses. Then game 2 is the same, now I will say here confidently, I always play OA on my turn two or three. I have only lost 1 game to me making some misplays and taking to long to fix the errors. Obviously there is no video of this but you'll just have to trust me.

              So maybe your question is do I think this is fair? My answer would be no, even being the creator of the list (with inspiration from Blain Bublitz) I don't like how fast it can "go off". I am a huge fan of combo decks and love playing them. However I believe in a world where you combo on turn 4-5 to allow your opponent to be able to respond, slow you down, or just stop you. The real question here is can this be stopped and my answer is maybe.. There are cards that allow you to battle it. Character cards like Turbo Board make this deck slow down quite a bit. The way this deck beats it is by attacking into turbo board with the photon cannon equipped to one shot it. Other cards are cards like Sabotaged Armaments to scrap the unflinching courage so OA doesn't proc. Finally we have the more traditional routes like Espionage and Security Checkpoint  to keep the hand lower than 7.


        The question I faced was showing off this deck or not. I originally didn't want to, I played it and just felt like I was cheating. Your counter argument could be, well jamie maybe you needed to play against something better?? Or maybe well your opponents were not ready for it?? To be honest it didn't matter what my opponent was playing there was no way they had a chance unless they played Turbo Board. However I am showing the deck and a video of how to play it so why? Why now? The reason is two fold, one is I was proud of the deck and didn't want to keep it to myself. I don't see myself as someone who builds these awesome decks and waits for an event to unleash hell. I like to build solid decks and show them to the community and share the decks. Let other people enjoy them, let others build upon them. The other reason is why not? We have the Daring Escape deck that already warrants people (playing at competitive events) to have a side board to beat it, so why not add this to the list of decks to fear or build against. Maybe this deck is enough for the meta to shift to playing more disruption? I don't know what will come of it, but to be honest I'm excited to see what happens. Ok, Ok, now for the real reason why your here. The List

Sergeant Springer 12*

Private Firedrive 7*

Dinobot Swoop 6*


1 conversion engine

1 field communicator

2 sparring gear

3 unflinching courage

3 scrapper gauntlets

3 multi-tool

3 kinetic converter


3overwhelming Advantage

2 pep talk

2 peace through tyranny

2 wedge formation

2 master plan

1 reclaim

3 brainstorm

3 equipment enthusiast

3 confidence

3 showing off

Sideboard- don't have one, I haven't honestly needed to build one. I would play it yourself and tune it to fit you. If you don't see your upgrades enough add more reclaim. Scrapper gauntlets isn't working? Put in drill arms instead... Again you will have to spend time playing it and see...