Broters In Arms

Brothers in Arms --- A Deck Profile for the Wreck ‘N Rule BACK OF THE BINDER CHALLENGE #2: PRIVATE SIDESWIPE

Why Brothers in Arms?
Well this is a thematic deck. It’ll win you some games and it is fun to play. This isn’t a top tier competitive deck but a fun casual deck.

Again, why the name? Well It is pretty simple once you know a little bit of the characters’ involved in the decks backgrounds.
Well…were waiting…!?!
Right sorry. Let me get started with who we have in the Deck.

Obviously Private Sideswipe at 8 stars of our 25 for this deck build.
Next Up is Sideswipes Brother…Sunstreaker!

Sunstreaker Bold Warrior at 7 stars bring our total for the Deck to 15 Stars so far.

Last but certainly not least Captain Ironhide.

Captian Ironhide at 9 Stars brings this merry band of Autobots to 24 of our 25 Stars! Woo we have one star card to toss into the deck. 

So now that we have our charcters let talk about why these three before we go into the actual deck itself.

Since the start of the Transformers in 1984 Sideswipe and Sunstreaker have always been characterized as Brothers…now this was long before the idea of the Transformers concept of a Spark. Often times referred as the Twins they operated together a lot in most media and in the IDW 2005 Transformers Comic they ultimately got separated for different roles. Sunstreaker went to Earth and Sideswipe was stuck on Cybertron Assigned to Hound's unit on guarding the body of Thunderwing (Long story for another time).

In the End of things Sideswipe found himself going to earth and being reunited with Sunstreaker…however all would not be happiness and roses and a number of the Autobots were forced back to a lifeless shell infested with a Swarm of animalistic Insecticons. Sunstreaker ultimately seems to sacrifice his life to give the others time to escape. 

Now don’t cry for Sunstreaker because he wasn’t dead, just in stasis lock. Three years later the lone Autobot was saved by a thought dead Ironhide whom had been rebuilt and tasked with killing the insecticon Horde by Alpha Trion. Rebuilt Sunstreaker Joined Ironhide on his crusade. So, there you have it…They are Brothers in Arms.
Now if you are still here…lets get into the deck.

So this a Blue Shell deck with some white and a smattering of orange. Because of Sideswipes’ ability you want him to be the last man standing.

Leap into Battle x 3
Steady Shot x 3
Roll Out x 2
Head on Collison x 2 (You’ll almost never transform Sunstreaker)
Security Checkpoint x 3
Hidden Fortification x 3
Sabotage Armaments x 2
Pep Talk x 2
Vaporize x 2
Showing Off x 2 (Ironhide and Suntreaker are down…can make for a nutty Sideswipe turn)
Brainstorm x2
Heroic Resolve x 1 (there is that extra star)

Nobel’s Blaster x 2
Engergon Axe x 2
Drill Arms x 2 (come on Sideswipe had piledrivers too)
Extra Padding x 3
Sparing Gear x 2
Hand-Held Blaster x 3

Side Board
Point Position x 2
Stable Cover x 2
Disarm x 2
Start your Engines x 2
The Bigger they Are x 2

The cards I chose center around buffing these characters to deal damage while sticking around a few turns with the blue flips. Head on Collison is for Sunstreaker (You’ll only Transform him in the KO area) & Sideswipe when you get the bonus KO damage. There should be enough weapons for Ironhide’s ability. I had an iteration of the deck running Tech Research and Superior Jetpack…. yeah it was bad. (Sideswipe had a Jetpack I wanted to theme it in…was not a good idea) Instead the deck is more designed to protect Sideswipe until he can get a few big hits. You’ll post a few wins…your have a few loses but I hope you’ll have fun with this themed deck.
Thanks all this is my first Deck Article/profile…