To sit on my throne..

                  We are back baby! In todays article we will be discussing the rise of Decepticons! Now if I have to be honest they haven't really left but now that press the advantage is banned believe me you will see more Decepticons running around. Now I wont be chatting about that card sense I have already given my stance on it, however I will be talking about the big man at the helm of this rise! Lord Megatron!

               Now this guy is awesome and will be in my hands on November 8th! There is sooooo much to unwrap about this character so lets dive in. Now First off is these stats, 6 attack, 17 health, and 3 armor! all this and he is 12 stars, opening up for a solid team with him. Next thing about him I see and love is leader and tank. (you know me and my tanks) Leader means we get access to a few repair cards that I will be showing you soon. Other parts is tank for cards like hunker down and a new armor spoiled for tanks this wave.

      Excuse me I had to go get a towel because of all the drool...Now the synergy between these two is kinda crazy, first off it allows us to flip Lord Meg meaning we are milling (a term used in card games to make you opponent scrap from their deck instead of hand) and the way Hunker down works is before character abilities proc you go get an armor which will obviously be the composite armor! Now when its equipped you get Meg's ability which makes your opponent mill for 6, 3 from his base and 3 from this armor. Wait you need to go get a towel as well? I'll wait....Even better part is obviously your opponent wont like this and will be trying to KO your Meg, meaning you will use the armor and it gets scraped. This now means you don't have an armor on and you can use Hunker down again to repeat the process!

       Now we have seen an orange pip card and a blue pip card, does that mean Jamie your going to be showing us ANOTHER mix list?? NOPE! I have a plot twist for you, this will be an all orange list except for 6 cards and 3 of those cards are both orange and blue. Now that card is going to be roll out! Why? Well I want to flip Lord Megatron every turn to make my opponent fly through their deck and get Megatrons bot ability online as fast as possible. So before we get into that ability lets talk about the cards we are going to be using to flip Megatron.

      Now this may look familiar, this is the flip package I used for General Megatron. It is so we can flip Meg each turn from bot mode to all mode for the mill effect and then use my flip for the turn to put his back to bot mode. Worse thing ever would be for our opponent to have to shuffle and your in the wrong mode.. Now if we are flipping Meg every turn who else is in our team? Glad you asked introducing...

 Now here is an awesome new addition to the deck, This guy is in at 5 stars and has 2 great things about him, almost a forcefield each defense and becomes and armor when KO'ed! So since we are going all orange our defense will obviously be whatever our base defense + an armor equals out to. We are expecting to take a lot of damage so this little bot is going to be saving us, a lot! as long as we flip a white pip card we than cant take more than 5 damage, meaning Lord meg can take a minimum of 4 attacks. 5+5+5=15 leaving him with 2 health left. Also when he is KO'ed he becomes an armor and we get that +2 on Meg if we cannot find an armor and he gets to deal 1 damage to a tapped enemy! Wow what an all star. Now before getting into the rest of the deck the other team member will be Firedrive. Now most if not all know about him, when he attacks you get to draw 1 and when he is KO'ed he becomes a weapon giving +3. Now our Meg will have a base of 6 so if our opponent has to shuffle they will have to put 6 damage onto one of their characters. Now before we get into how we can do more than 6 because I am an over achiever lets talk about the other white pip cards in the list that work with Private Vanguard.

     First lets talk about Heat of Battle, this card gives us a big advantage because it gives us bold 3 (again we are an all orange deck) but also gives our opponent tough 3. Normally I wouldn't be ok with this in the main because if our opponent is blue then its kinda a wash, however it makes our opponent have to flip 3 more on defense and if they flip a white, now they are flipping 7 cards on defense. This I will only be playing if it will make our opponent have to shuffle which means they will be taking a massive amount of damage from Meg. Here is how it breaks down. We attack with Lord meg, say he has a grenade launcher on him, his base is now 7. We play the Heat of battle so we flip 6 oranges putting us at 13 attack, then our opponent has to defend and flips which causes a shuffle, now the ruling states any time you deck runs out you have to shuffle which will proc megs ability and they have to deal 13 damage to on of their characters! Plus we are still attacking for 13!! Now there hasn't been any ruling on if this ability happens after Lord meg finishes his attack or during so we will have to wait. Although I really hope it happens after battle. Next card is Callous which is also white and allows us to move up to 5 of Meg and put onto someone else, like our Firedrive so he is more set up to be KO'ed for us. Remember when I said if we flip a white max we can take is 5, and this moves 5.....Love it. Next card is system reboot and this is a great card for refilling our hand, digging for an armor or flip card, making our opponent lose their hand and making them draw 4 getting us that much closer to getting that Meg ability to proc. Or maybe it makes them reshuffle and POW!  

        Now to be honest the rest of the deck is pretty "basic" orange we use cards like Grenade launcher, reckless charge, peace through tyranny (which can also be used to KO Firedrive for the extra turn and weapon) supercharge, and one last new card from wave 4.

      Again we have another card to help move damage off of Lord Meg perfect card to move damage to whoever we wish. This deck will be super fun to play and I cant wait for siege 2 to be dropping here soon so I can start putting these brews into action! Hope you guys enjoyed this article and I will have another one for you members tomorrow to help you figure out how to start building with wave 4. I also have some big news dropping tomorrow as well so stay tuned! Catch you guys in the next one!