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General Optimus Prime (wave 3)

Wheeljack (wave 1)

Flamewar (wave 1)


1 enforcement baton

2 W-5 Gyro blaster

3 Grenade Launcher

2 Ion blaster of Optimus Prime

3 handheld blaster

3 reinforced plating

1 matrix of leadership

3 improvised shield

2 Noble's Blaster


2 espionage

3 Zap

1 vaporize

1 Ramming Speed

3 supercharge

1 press the advantage

3 security checkpoint

3 peace through tyranny

3 Battlefield Report


2 One shall stand, One shall fall

2 Dampening Field

2 Infiltrate

2 I still function!

2 Take cover!

So this is the deck I piloted to a top 8 at one of Gen Cons prelims! It packs a punch while being able to hold its own on defense. The power General Optimus has is insane and why the deck does so well. He allows bold 1 to all other characters and then being able to get tough 2 with the help of flamewar. Not to mention she can flip to get another bold 1! Watch the video above to see a more in depth review for each card!