A Horri-Bull New Meta

In this article I will be talking about all the things I have seen in this new meta. Yes the set has not officially released but this is what has been running around online and via webcam games recently. This is alot like the pirates code..Its accurate but more of a guideline (insert pirates of the Caribbean music here) First off before getting into the characters and such I want to explain how all of our "New Meta" decks become a thing.                Aggressive and Rushed. Now this isnt a bad, thing so if your on this end of the gaming spectrum being an Aggro player that is fine. It is far more common with a new sets release for people to gravitate to orange. This is not "easier" to play always but "easier to build". Now some of  you are already yelling at your device saying its not easy to build. However it is....It is hard to make a successful Aggro deck, it is not hard to just jam every good orange card into a deck and pick up some wins with it. The hard part about building good or consistent Aggro decks is being able to build a deck that applies pressure to your opponent, puts them in the corner and when your ready you finish the job. 

              That is where we come to is now seeing the Meta, it with each wave beings Orange and eventually moves to Blue. Blue always needs more time to figure out what it needs to beat then beats it. In the beginning of a wave we don't know what to expect so blue has a harder time. Now this is not saying Blue is bad by any means, I will also be showing you a blue list I have been crushing with. However Blue is more reactive then Orange is. Now lets get to the new Meta I have seen. Also I hate the word meta...saying it feels like eating saltine crackers with nothing to drink....Like a whole sleeve of them...


And the King of them all...

          Now there is A LOT to talk about here. Your like wait Jamie you said Orange, Orange, Orange...I see blue in there..There is Blue it just a way smaller % of the field. Now the name of this article is Horri-bull and here is the reason why..  

HA! The puns! there will be soooooo many with this guy. (hey its in his name he asked for it). This guy is insanely strong. He has sooo much utility and only cost 7 stars. (6 for body but requires a head so minimum 1 star=7). Whenever you play a black battle icon card you deal 1 to him and 1 to an enemy. Now that may not seem like much but it matters a lot. This guy is constantly applying pressure to the opponent as well as messing up sequencing with attacks. He can even KO someone with out them even  getting an attack or finishing them off if they manage to limp away from a combat. There was also a huge influx of GOOD black battle icons that got added with this new wave. (remember when I said watch out for black pips they are going to be really good! And there were those that said they were trash...) new cards like these are going to see a considerable amount of time being played.

         This is just some of them with this new wave and Horri-bull loves all of them. They are all good cards to play and as you play them you get to damage the enemy. So say you play Camien crash, First you choose 1 of your characters and deal 1 to it, then 2 to an enemy then Horri-bull procs and deals 1 to himself and 1 to an enemy, that's 3 damage to a single source if you wish. Then you can still play a black icon upgrade and deal another...Then you can flip Horri-bull to move 1 more over! That is potentially 5 direct damage to any enemy in one turn, before attacking. Ouch time! On top he is hard to attack, usually protected by others and then when you do finally rodeo that bull down his head pops out and continues the beating. 

          Enough about that guy that gives me Horri-bull nightmares (sorry not sorry!) On to the King and I mean King of the game, Skyshadow. OOOOWWWWEEEE so whats better than 2 characters that are expendable that also deal a crazy amount of damage, can be sacrificed for Peace through tryanny, and when finally Ko'ed bring an even bigger baddy to the table?? NOTHING!! Turns out, that is really strong and it only costs you 15 stars (have to include the strategem). So heavy orange and or blue are both awesome for this beast. Again more people are leaning orange. So the list also usually runs, wait for it.....pause for dramatic effect....Horrible and a grax (grax is the 3 star head giving +5 health). Shocked right? No?? well how about also still having 1 star left over for Villainous Contract to allow you to run 2 mounted missles...Yea gross I know. 

           Now moving on from that into another heavy played character Perceptor. This Character has a ton of utility. He allows you to dig, then your opponent has to give you cards, then the other cards go under him and give him +attack equal to the number of cards under him. I will say I have swung for 16 with him before. A card that you will see with him in both orange and blue is.. 

           This card allows for some serious advantage. Double flip so you can get to dig 8 and potentially get +4 and swing same turn. SPICY I KNOW. This character is supposed to come with buying a box of wave 5. Dont fret, I am hoping I will have extras of him. Time to talk about Brawn and Nightracer, these characters do exactly what they say, Brawn allows for early free fipped pierce damage and then can defend for crazy high numbers in the right deck. Usually paired with galaxy prime or Legendary warrior prime. Nightracer follows the same suite, it is another 5 star flamewar-ish character. She allows tough 1 if you have a secret action. However she has 2 defense and 11 health and is ranged which is the main reasons you will see her in heavy blue, and or control style decks. There isnt much else to say about this new meta, there have been other sweet decks floating around that I don't want to spoil here. Some of my own creation that you guys will for sure see at a later date. I just wanted to give you all a little jump on the competition and to know and understand what is waiting for you with the release of wave 5. Now that my world seems to be back on track so will the content! Until next time, TRANSFORM AND ROLL OUT!