Starscream Decepticon King 13* (wave 2)
Flamewar 5* (wave1)
Hot rod 7* (wave 2)


1 energon axe
3 mining pick
3 handheld blaster
2 sparring gear
3 reinforced plating
3 security console
3 decepticon crown


2 callus leadership

3 marksmanship
3 security checkpoint
2 reclaim
1 master plan
2 treasure hunt

3 incoming transmission

3 vaporize

2 espionage

3 battlefield report


Motormaster 58 (wave 2)

2 Infiltrate

2 One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall

2 Laser Cutlass

2 Hiding spot

2 Force Field.

This Deck as blossomed into something new! It plays a bit different then you would think. It now has access to planning more cards via battlefield report allowing you to plan on defense and the best part is your opponent cant avoid it! Then when you Starscream takes some damage you use Callus leadership to heal it up! Then when your ready to play Mining pick stack the top of your deck with crowns and smash your opponent! Want to know more? Head over to the articles page to read more about it.