Piercing Blaster

Hello and thanks for stopping by! In today's article I wanted to talk to you and show you an orange black blaster deck I have been working on. I have built this in my head a few times but never sleeved it up until recently and now I'll admit it....I am in love. Now the reason for this love is two fold, one of the reasons is the ability to actually push damage and it doesn't matter what your opponent is playing via Orange or Blue. Reason two, Blaster allows "free" cards and most of the time those "free" cards matter. Now when it comes to talking about Blaster I have usually in the past not been a fan. The reason is I am usually not a heavy orange player. I also felt getting the free cards always felt like a cheap way to win. Now a W is a W and I can understand that, however it felt soooooo unfair. Honestly it is, in this game you get 1 action and 1 upgrade a turn. Your opponent gets the same, so in a world where it is one for one its fair. Then when your opponent gets a free card here and a free card here, the momentum will naturally shift in that players favor. Now the reason why I call it a "free" card is different then normal. Lets say you play pep talk, this would allow you to draw 2 cards. Now this required the cost of using your action and playing a card so you only cycle one and draw one. Now that is a net positive, however with Blaster you get to play the top card of your deck. If you are arguing here it still has a cost of using a transform then I would say you are technically correct. Except you are transforming Blaster anyway. So 

you are getting to deploy a little character and getting a free card off the top. 

                  There is also a secret weapon the Blaster deck has that NO other team or deck can have is pierce 6 card...

   This card allows you to be able to not loose an Orange battle icon color and can sometimes give +1 attack. However this makes sure your little guys are hitting for guaranteed  6 damage! That may not seem like a good amount but when going against an enemy in battle these guys usually hit from 4-8. You can alter these numbers by adding weapons and such but with this action I don't have to rely on having a weapon to push damage. Also there are multiple times when you are using this to finish off a bot and not having to waste a grenade launcher. Finally the last amazing part we have Ramhorn. Whats the best way to keep your guys around? Force field! (then your opponent vaporizes it...) Not with this bot! You are allowed to play a white battle icon armor when he defends and allowed to play it on any character! This is why we are running force field and medic's protective field. Now with explaining this intro to the deck, lets get into the actual deck! 

Team: Blaster, Steel Jaw, Ramhorn, Lionizer


3 power punch

3 force field

3 grenade launcher

2 medic's protective field

2 rr disruptor blade

2 improvised shield

2 pocket processor

1 enforcement batons

1 bashing shield


3 peace through tyranny 

3 fight for position

3 calculated strike

2 surprise attack

3 daring counter attack

2 incoming transmission

2 ramming speed

2 contract contingency 

1 treasure hunt