Optimus Prime- Gleaming Commander (wave 2)

Prowl (wave 2)

Ironhide (wave2)

Autobot Hot Rod (wave 2)

Sunstreaker (wave 2)

Autobot Mirage (wave 2)


3 Grenade Launcher

3 Improvised shield

1 Static Laser of Iron Hide

3 Combat Commands

1 Bashing shield

1 Enforcement Battons

1 Power Sword

2 Noble's Blaster


3 Security Checkpoint

2 Press the Advantage

3 Reckless Charge

1 Ramming Speed

1 Vaporize

2 Espionage

2 One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall

3 Peace Through Tyranny

3 Supercharge

3 Confidence

2 Sentinel Enigma

This deck functions different than normal decks as it truly has a huge tool box to play with. My starting team (and the team I recommend) Is Optimus, Iron Hide, and Prowl.

The other 3 start in the KO area in alt mode as Optimus states. The deck functions as a Aggro deck on the surface but again runs a lot of tools to help keep you ahead of your opponent. Cards like Supercharge and Reckless Charge are really going to be putting the hurt on your opponent, while cards like Espionage and flipping Mirage in the KO area will strip your opponent of their cards. This deck does splash blue pips to help keep your characters from taking too much damage on the crack back. Security Check point comes in big here and has two blue pips on it and comes with a super powerful effect as well. Speaking of big, there is no one bigger than Optimus Maximus which is why their are two copies of the Enigma in the list. You do not have to combine to win some games so keep that in mind, but if you are going against a power house of an enemy such as Optimus Prime Batlefield Legend then playing the Enigma is essential. It is an action card that can give you +5 attack and +1 armor. Not to mention being able to plan every battle (both attack and defence).


1 Erratic Lightning

1 Ramming Speed

1 Bashing Shield

2 Power Sword

3 Heavy Handed

2 Disruptive Enterance