In todays article I wanted to chat with you guys about some new ideas I have for wave 3 as well as revisit an older one as well. These thoughts are going to tie in with wave 3, no surprise there since it will be the focus of most topics from here on out. The first thought is something I have been super waiting for and that's Secret Actions! That's right! I am sooo excited to say you've activated my secret action! (Ok I probably wont be saying that, but I will be thinking it every time). They are those types of cards that just add a different layer to the game. Sometimes they are dead cards and your opponent plays around it and other times they cant avoid it and just fall into the trap. That is where selection of these and when to play them will make a big difference in game. The other fantastic part about them is sideboards! With the introduction of sideboards we can really use them to our advantage coming into game 2 or 3, these cards are called silver bullets. Name for many reasons they essentially destroy your opponent after sideboarding but usually are not good in your main deck. Now I don't want to spoil the cards/ character cards ill be using to abuse this machanic, that's for a sperate article and many videos. Just take a peak at this guy--- 

                        The next thought is revisiting the 2 tall archetype. Now its no surprise here Ill be bringing Optimus Prime Battlefield Legend to the party as it seems he is only the greatest character to have in a 2 tall. Who's the other jamie? Well that is going to be Alpha Trion! Now this guy I am super excited for and I have big plans for him. His abilities are just insane and them come at just 11 stars. Now with him and Prime we are looking at 24 stars. So what will go into that last star slot? That is going to remain a secret for now and you guys will be finding out just next week once I get my hands all over wave 3 cards. I will tell you I will be packing the Ancient Wisdom package in this build as it seems perfect for these two. Don't remember those cards? Let me show you!

                   See! Seems good right? Like I said this deck will be packing some shenanigans in it to really out value your opponent and leaving them begging you to finish them off. This in my head will be a very competitive deck and It is something I am going to be exploring quite a lot. Lets be honest most things with daddy Prime tend to be very good. So there you guys have it, One fun deck idea and a competitive deck idea with the launch of wave 3. It is only a few days away and everything is about to get crazy. Be sure to revisit us though out the weekend for more articles!


                                                                                                                                                                    -Transform and Roll out!

  One Fun- One Competitive